A Golden Age


I was saddened to hear of Olivia de Havilland’s passing. She was the last surviving member of ‘Gone With The Wind’, a classic Hollywood film made in 1939. My admiration for this era apparent – The Time Jigsaw Deluverance storyline. My condolences for a lovely lady.



Yesterday, I did a radio interview with a local station in the town. Arbroath is a place I have passed through many times, but never visited. Friendly people and a warm climate were in evidence. However, with yesterday being the hottest day of the year – too warm!

Crete, Greece

Cretan Partisans

On this day in 1941, Germany invaded the island of Crete. Until their surrender in May 1945, the Cretan resistance proved to be a formidable foe. They feature in the forthcoming WW2 espionage thriller, Georgina.

On a personal note, 20th May 1994, was my final exam at university. Happy days.